Everyone knows and throws baby showers — but a mama shower? When do you ever hear about that?

Considering the prices of baby “necessities,” it may be because baby showers are so marketable and profitable. Look at other cultures, and you realize that it may be because our country has forgotten the honor in being a woman, and the value of mothering….

Baby showers are great, but they fail to acknowledge the needs and importance of the woman who makes the baby possible. This woman is doing an amazing, and incredible, and challenging thing. If anyone deserves a party in celebration of new life, it’s the mama that made it all possible.

Why? Well…  


Mamas Create Life

Our country honors dead soldiers, presidents, and voyagers in all of their controversial deeds. Well, all of that is possible thanks to the women carrying, birthing, and caring for the children of Earth. She gives her time, not for pay or an exchange, but out of unpaid and (currently) under-appreciated maternal duty. But day after day, she keeps on going — carrying her battle scars of stretch marks, varicose veins, and a body that’s forever changed. Is there anything more honorable, imperative, or necessary? Moms are nursing the future of humanity. It’s damn time we started acknowledging the incredible duties and intense work of today’s mothers by giving our recognition and appreciation.

Mamas Sustain Life

First, moms take on radical changes to their bodies and health by growing life in their wombs. Then, mothers risk their lives delivering their babies through their bodies. Then, moms feeds life with their bodies. And all the while, they are constantly using their minds and arms to nurture, multitask, love, and do, do, do. They literally put their blood, sweat, and tears (and lactose) into this work. If that’s not something to celebrate, then let’s remember that many of today’s moms are doing all this work with little to no outside help.

Taking care of others means women absolutely must take care of themselves. This “idea” is a no-brainer fact in other cultures around the world. In countries which traditionally value family and community, women have friends and family they can turn to for help and support (if these friends and family aren’t already over there helping her out, or living next door). America values independence and has a looooooong history with seeing family and household tasks as a woman’s responsibility. This expectation means that a woman’s work — while open to heavy criticism and judgment — is not celebrated or appreciated. It’s just expected. Let’s break this rusty overaged societal mold and replace it with something new. Like the Mama Shower!!!


Mothering Is Freaking Demanding

Moms are growing babies, nursing, feeding, soothing, shopping, planning, managing routines, cleaning, cooking, working, and improving themselves and their families. There are no scheduled breaks, and there is no end time for a Mom-shift. And do they get a paycheck for this? Do they get voted for Family Member Of The Month? Maybe a bonus for putting in late nights and long hours? Nope. In fact, most the moms I know are managing home and family and work — and without so much as the gift of an extra hour of sleep on Saturdays.

Mothering is not a simple or low-demand job. Actually, it’s one of the hardest most demanding duties you can take on. Because being a good mother means giving your very best at every hour of every day — no matter how much you’ve slept, however sick you may be, or how many deadlines you have to meet. And despite all that work, there’s a 90-some percent chance that mom’s efforts will go without recognition until years later. Even better, the modern mom is subject to harsh judgment and criticism because, somehow, society shifted from valuing support and community to practicing crap-talking and judging. Being a mama ain’t easy. It’s time we sucker punched society’s nastiness square in the face and got back to loving our moms!   


Mothering Is Some Of The Most Important Work Of Humanity

The reason why women make such great mothers is because they were born to mother. Men are great and our world will always needs its fathers, but women… Women have this amazing skill to hear, feel, and care for emotions. The average woman has a brain which is literally designed to give her the ability to see the world not just with her ears and her eyes, but with her heart. Having the ability to sense and understand the feelings of others is a powerful skill. It’s the kind of skill that makes peace and understanding possible. Today’s mom doesn’t get credit for this amazing and crucial-to-humanity strength. Because of that, her mothering lacks meaning and magic. Mothering should be one of the most amazing things a woman can ever do, because it IS one of the most amazing things a woman can do. Beautiful and mystical mothering makes beautiful and heartfelt people. What an incredible contribution to the world! Women are divine creative beings, beyond all doubt or measure. They deserve to be honored and celebrated!

When it’s all said and done, humanity exists because of moms. If we didn’t have our woman conceiving, carrying, birthing, and nurturing Earth’s children, then there wouldn’t be children here on Earth. You, me, nobody. Mamas have gone so long with having their heart-infused work and demanding duties go unnoticed and unappreciated. Every mom deserves to be showered with honor, love, and appreciation. The next time you throw a baby shower, make sure that you put special effort into making mama feel as important as she is.   


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