So, I’ve dived into astrology this last year. I have since discovered that I’m a Libra with a North Node in Taurus. In other words, I’m a natural skeptic with a hard eye for BS and insanely high expectations for quality in-depth information. I love this aspect of myself because it gives me a razor-sharp ability to discern shallow ideas from legit perspectives. However, with the number of webpreneurs trying to get rich off of e-Courses and web products — my tightly tuned BS-o-meter can be downright depressing.     

That’s why I’m so excited about The Moon Sisterhood.

I discovered The Moon Sisterhood about a year ago while I was working as an SEO writer. Intrigue hit me right off the bat so I subscribed to the newsletter, but I decided I would wait for the emails and blog posts to validate the draw I felt.

Well, after a year of Moon Sisterhood’s free weekly Energy Reports, I was convinced that Anne — the mother of The Moon Sisterhood — was as knowledgeable with moon matters as she was with sales and marketing. Moreover, it was clear to me that she wasn’t just regurgitating information from a book or passing off other people’s ideas as her own. Her knowledge came from the personal experience which involved questioning, contemplating, and testing ideas — then applying them and expanding on them. Clearly, this lady had wisdom and knowing, and she was authentic as hell. Intrigue validated!

Long story short, I started talking with her, and I got a subscription for her $10 monthly Moon Reports. Now I am just as infatuated with these reports as I am with Anne. And I think you will be too! Here’s why I love them…       


Moon Education

So, apparently each month the moon goes through the New Moon phase by rotating through the zodiac signs. And get this. Each New Moon phase corresponds with the sign of the month.

To put it another way…. This month is September. Virgo season is August 22-September 22. The new moon, which took place on September 20th, was in Virgo. See the connection? As obvious as this may seem, this basic information has gone long forgotten. And such information is EXACTLY what I want to know!!

The Moon Report also includes a Moon Cycle Tracker where Anne shares the dates for the sign the moon is in and when. I really dig this, because it makes it easy for me to get to know the energy of a sign and how this energy may be influencing me and my life situations.

You can always get moon and sign info from fab astrologists like Chani Nicholas, but the surest way to acquire in-depth information and expansive details is to explore, test, and contemplate things for myselfThanks to the Moon Phase Calendar included in the report, I can pair the calendar and the tracker to do precisely that. 

Between the tracker and the calendar, I get barebone but important moon basics that allow for me to explore and take note of what I notice and experience throughout the month. As time goes, I start to notice newer or deeper themes in the energy of the moon, signs, and patterns within my own self. The connections, the energetic impact, and the awareness this enables is nothing short of magical.

You can call astrology quackery all you want, but this little science experiment will have you making observations that allow for all sorts of fascinating deductions and conclusions. And this is so cool because this “lab work” will teach you all about YOU.


Moon Empowered

Anne’s monthly Moon Report includes a “Best Days” list where she shares 15-20 events and pursuits and the best days to go for them (based on the moon’s energy, of course). There’s also a crystal selected for the month based on it’s properties and how it aligns with the New Moon sign. Naturally, there’s also a page for writing down all your moon-inspired intentions and aspirations. I mean, what New Age would workbook would be complete without that

One of my favorite parts of the New Moon Report is the on the New Moon sign for the month. Anne goes into the energy of the moon cycle and the empowering aspects and shadow aspects of the sign’s energy, and this all comes with Anne’s “special touch.” I’ve received all sorts of free workbooks and eCourses, but this has me connecting with the moon sign, the month, and my own self in a very meaningful and profound way.  

Then there’s my other most favorite part of The Moon Report — the moon cycle guided journal page. I tend to roll my eyes at guided journals, but I LOVE this part. Anne’s journal questions are based on both the empowering aspects of the month’s moon as well as the shadow aspects. This balanced approach encourages me to consider the ways I disempower myself while also provoking me to see the ways I could deliberately empower myself instead. Can you say power?

The questions are simple and to the point, and they only require 1-4 sentences to answer. But they get you to do some deep thinking and to come up with bullseye solutions. I don’t know about you, but my life would benefit from making time for this once a month (at the least!).       

Moon Connection

My favorite part about Anne’s Moon Report is that it guides you into developing a relationship with the moon. She tells you about the moon’s behavior, tendencies, preferences, quirks, and all the aspects which make her (the moon) the lovely and wonderful thing that she is. It’s like getting to know the moon as a person. I love that!

There’s a guided tarot card reading where you’re supposed to pull three tarot  cards based on three questions which revolve around the moon’s energy and how it is -and isn’t — best utilized. I always enjoy pulling tarot cards and putting my intuitive senses to work, so I dig having an excuse to sit down and pull cards.

What really does it for me though is the tarot card for the moon cycle. The way Anne connects the tarot card to the energy of the moon AND the individual is so damn inspiring and empowering. The moon cycle tarot card and the guided journal page are food for my soul. They’re the kind of thing you want to print out and put on a wall so that you can relive the inspiration time and time again.


Conclusion? If you’re thinking about subscribing to The Moon Report, then this hard-ass skeptic says it’s worth the $10. I can’t stand spending money for stuff online because the average webpreneur cares more about making money off a product then they care about providing a product that’s actually worth people’s money. But from everything I’ve seen and experienced, this isn’t the case with Anne and The Moon Sisterhood. It’s real, it’s deep, and it’s awesome. And you get so much woman power. And today’s woman NEEDS woman power. 

But don’t just take my word for it! Anne is doing her Third Chakra Attunement Workshop October 2nd-6th. And guess what? It’s free. F-r-e-e. FREE! And free is one of my most favorite things ever! If you catch this post in time, be sure to sign up so you can get a feel for what Anne and The Moon Sisterhood is all about.   

I may have more Moon Sisterhood reviews coming too. Anne’s 2018 Holistic Planner just got put up in the shop, and I’ve been eyeing that something fierce. I’m also seriously contemplating her Wise Woman Apprenticeship Program. At $1000, it’s hardly the kind of cheap (err, free) spiritual fix I prefer. However, even my cheap ass knows that the connection I have with Anne and her sisterhood community is something special. That connection multiplied by an 18 week intensive of depth, information, wise woman wisdom, and a solid community of empowered women…. That’s special to the 10th degree! Is there a better way for a girl to spend her money?

And would I ever love to post a review on Anne’s wise woman within. As my fellow Libran gal pal, I would have way too much fun with that. Heeheehee!

To be continued!



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