Thanks to my subscription box series on Texas Home & Garden, I got to try out all sorts of different subscription boxes. One of the boxes I had the pleasure of experiencing was the luxury box Yuzen.   

If I had to describe Yuzen, I’d say it’s an eco-minded spa box with fun simple twists. What woman couldn’t use a little of that in her life? It gets better though, because Ted and Jan of Yuzen take their box seriously. They’ve added some special touches that really make their box stand out from the tens of hundreds of subscription boxes out there. But before I get into all the details on Yuzen’s soul-food potential, let’s get the basic deets out of the way by talking business.

How Yuzen Works

  • The Subscription: Yuzen is a quarterly subscription box that is shipped out to subscribers in February, May, August, and November. In addition to the Yuzen quarterly subscription, there’s the Yuzen one-time gift box (Note: I give the gift box two thumbs up).
  • Signing Up: New subscribers can sign up for Yuzen at any time. Whatever month you sign up, Yuzen will immediately send you the box for the present quarter (until those boxes are sold out, of course).
  • Price: Yuzen’s pricetag is set at $35 a box — shipping included. New subscribers can shave this price down even more by using coupon code SendMyZen for a zen-sational 20% off.    


What Is Yuzen All About?

Yuzen describes themselves as a “luxury spa subscription box.” As a writer and a woman with an obsession with words and details, I couldn’t possibly summarize Yuzen so simply.

Based on my experience, I would say that the Yuzen box is an eco-minded box that cares about luxury and beauty goods as well as useful and simple items. You can expect to receive a combination of products that range from functional everyday items, to indulgent or beautifying goodies, to fun or helpful stuff (like, say, a carry-size bottle of  Poo Pourri that can be tucked into your the waist of your skirt when it’s time for that post-coffee visit to the work bathroom). The Yuzen box has a fantastic balance of goods that are sure to tickle a number of fancies.

Why Yuzen Tickles My Modern Soul

When it comes to saying “Yay” to a product or company, I’ve got some high expectations that need to be met. I’m not just looking for something that makes me look or feel pretty. I want something that uses high-quality ingredients and delivers high-quality results. I also want something that comes from a high-quality company that cares as much about people and the environment as it does about profits.

Oh… I also want something that has a reasonable price tag. It’s not that quality products aren’t worthy of (or require) a higher price. They do. But a lot of companies are looking to make money off of beauty trends, so they’ll put a drop of some fad plant extract in a product and then stick it with a big fat price tag because it’s “so hot right now.” Not because their product kicks major butt in the beauty department, but because it’s trendy. This kind of approach to business is about money, not quality. Thus, a price tag that’s extraordinarily high raises a red flag for me (as would a price tag that’s remarkably low).        

So what makes Yuzen stand out to me?

  • The Selection

    You get items that range from everything from luxurious pampering items like a fancy lava scrub and activated charcoal face wash to more basic items like foot cream, Poo-pourri spray, chapstick, and deodorant. While some girls wouldn’t get too excited about something like deodorant, Yuzen isn’t about to deliver just any simple pit stick. I was blown away by the ingredients, and I really enjoyed using it. And the pumice stone I got has totally changed my feet. A pumice stone is something this mama would consider to be an unnecessary expense. But since I got one from Yuzen I went ahead and used it and holy cannoli. Did it ever transform the heels of my feet. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy such simple things like deodorant and a pumice stone. It’s nice to experience luxury — okay, it’s really, really nice — but it’s just as awesome to discover everyday items in a way that you hadn’t had before. Yuzen didn’t let me down.

  • The Products

    Everything I got from Yuzen was top notch stuff. The product was great, the ingredients were great, the results were great, and the experience using them was…. Well, great! Yuzen also aspired to source products from quality companies. I really enjoyed Yuzen’s selection because it exposed me to a variety of beauty and self-care products that — being a coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oil kinda gal — I wouldn’t have ever bought myself. As much as I love keeping beauty care as simple and as natural as possible, I loved experiencing the silky skin, soft hair, smooth feet, and perdy-fied face of all my Yuzen goodies. And the snacks. I really enjoyed those. Why doesn’t every subscription box include food? EVERYTHING is better with food. Yuzen scores bonus points here.

  • The Care

    Just opening a Yuzen box is an experience. They select lovely boxes and use beautiful wrapping. For me, it was like opening up the most gorgeous of birthday presents I never had (wink, wink honey). I felt so ridiculously special opening up my Yuzen boxes. As a woman who is constantly pouring energy into her children and husband so they feel special — and mostly without appreciation or awareness of what I do because that’s being a woman in today’s times — I must say that it’s REALLY NICE to be able to be on the receiving end. I thought this extra touch was sublime.The level of care goes further. Subscription boxes come with a product card as any subscription addict would know and expect. However, Ted and Jen take theirs to a whole other level. Their product cards don’t just tell you what product you got. They go beyond the basic product description to sharing details on ingredients, the company, and all the juicy deets that made them choose that specific product from that specific company. As someone who loves details and who has experienced a number of subscription boxes, I loved this. It impressed the heck out of me, and it spoke volumes about the care Yuzen puts into their business, their customers, and the world we all share.

That sums up my experience with Yuzen. If you’re thinking about trying out this subscription, then I think you’re safe to try it out without an ounce of buyer’s remorse. I mean, self-care with a spa twist? Plus snacks? What woman couldn’t use that? Get it already ladies. 😉  


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