Earlier this year, my lovely editor and friend offered me the chance to organize the babywearing shoot for Green Child Magazine’s 2017 Fall issue. When she asked if I had any suggestions for wrap or carrier companies that I thought she should contact, I immediately thought of Butterfly Baby.

I had been dreaming of owning a woven wrap for quite some time, so I couldn’t help but use my wrap fascination as an excuse for the articles I had to write for work (because if you’re going to research, write, and peruse the web you might as well get paid).

It was during one such work-sponsored perusing session that I happened upon Butterfly Baby. The color, design, and down-to-Earth look of their wraps immediately had me salivating. When I read that Butterfly Baby Company (formerly Vaquero Wovens LLC) was a small family-owned business that manufactured their wraps in the US, I went into a full-on drool.

I knew that Butterfly Baby wraps had major potential, so I sent my editor their contact info, crossed my fingers, said a prayer, and gave my Ganesh statue my very best puppy dog face. And it worked! They said they would love to be featured. And so their Cabana Under The Sun wrap was sent to my doorstep with my name literally all over it.


The Cabana Under The Sun wrap



My daughter and I gave the Butterfly Baby CUTS wrap a full test drive. And we didn’t go easy on it either. Even though I was a newbie wrapper I was determined to do advanced carries (because I was determined to be a show-off), so that wrap and I went through A LOT together.

The result? My daughter sleeps with it. And sometimes, when she’s sound asleep… I snag it from her so that I can cuddle with it. It’s cozy and it lets me bond with my daughter. And all this cozy bonding happens while I’m getting stuff done. This wrap doubles as a security blanket for my daughter. For me… It’s a sanity blanket.  And I love that cozy sanity blanket so much!

But enough of my wrap-ilicious verbal diarrhea. Let me tell you what makes Butterfly Baby wraps so great.



When it comes to being impressed by a business, I’m a boulder. Moving me and getting a reaction isn’t easy because I have got rock-hard standards and expectations that are non-negotiable. Amazingly, Butterfly Baby Company had me so impressed, my cheap stubborn-ass would actually be willing to pay for their goodies. That’s because…

  • They’re A Family Business

    There are plenty of companies out there trying to get sales by saying their “family-owned,” “for families,” “by families,” and using whatever other phrasing makes them seem like a simple family company when they’re actually a huge business or a full-on corporation that’s 99% hired employees and 1% loosely blood-related over-paid family employees. That’s not Butterfly Baby. They’re a legit American-based, family-owned, and family-run business that’s handled by Madison, her husband, and her parents.

  • They Keep It Local

    Butterfly Baby keeps all of their manufacturing here in the U.S. In fact, much of the hands-on work is handled by Madison’s family and their local North Carolina community. The fabric is cut by Madison’s own parents. Then they’re dropped off with local seamstresses who sew them up for a finished wrap.

  • They Care About Community

    Those local seamstresses that handle the sewing? Well, most of them are moms who work from home. Madison and family strive to support women and their families by employing mothers whenever possible. They push to help the community even more by seeking veterans for hire.

  • They Have Standards

    With the explosion in babywearing over the last decade, the jump in new companies and carriers have NOT been matched with a jump in standards or regulations. Fortunately, collective organizations like Baby Carrier Industry Alliance been created to promote quality products and educated businesses and consumers. Butterfly Baby is a member of BCIA and follows CPSIA standards.

  • They Support Equal-Opportunity (And Wrap-Obsessed) Shopping

    Like any other babywearing company with a sense of marketing and a love for design, Butterfly Baby offers limited-release lines. What they do differently though, is that they only allow for one Signature Line wrap to be purchased per household during the first 30 minutes of release. In a world where so many businesses just care about making money, I think it’s pretty dang awesome that Butterfly Baby would take this extra step.  



Like I stated earlier — I think — I had the chance to try out wraps and carriers from 15-20 different babywearing companies. After test driving them all, it was clear that while they all had their perks and advantages and catered to different needs, they weren’t all as versatile or functional. For some wrap-buying mamas, that will mean they get hit with a case of Buyer’s Remorse. After wearing Butterfly Baby, my opinion is that this is one purchase that a mama can’t go wrong with. Why?

  • They’re Cozy

    I couldn’t believe how soft the fabric was. I knew to expect high quality as they’re jacquard woven wraps, but I have yet to touch a wrap that compares to Butterfly Baby. It turns out that Madison has pushed to create a fiber-blend that makes for a soft fabric that takes little-to-no breaking in. I can personally vouch for this claim. Honestly, my Butterfly Baby wrap is so cozy,  I find myself hugging it and stroking it whenever I pull it or put it away. The feel of it is addicting!

  • They’re Comfortable

    I have this knot in my shoulder that has been demanding a Swedish deep-tissue massage. But, being the cheap and stubborn woman I am, I’ve managed to put this off forthree years. It can only take so much pressure and strain before it’s screaming for a heating pad and a coat of essential oils, and that can make babywearing a pain. Especially when pregnant. But the Butterfly Baby has been one of the most comfortable wraps I’ve worn — if not the most comfortable. The soft broken-in-nature of the fabric was easy on my shoulder. The wrap also did a great job of evenly distributing my daughter’s weight (and without regular readjusting like other stiffer or thicker wraps).

  • They’re User-Friendly

    The fabric makes for a smooth and simple wrapping. I’ve had the chance to wear over ten different wraps from a number of companies, and I quickly realized that fabric can be designed and sold as a “wrap” and be a pain to wrap with. Butterfly Baby’s fabric keeps wrapping simple. Even when you’re doing more advanced carries.

  • They Come As Everyday Wraps And Limited-Release Wraps

    Butterfly Baby offers two lines of wraps: their Budget Line and Signature Line. Butterfly Baby’s Signature Line consists of their limited-release wraps boasting their exclusive designs, special fabric blends, larger width, and come with a bonus gift. As a limited release, they obviously cost more (anywhere from $125-$300) The Budget Line offers the same high-quality fabric and designs of the Signature Line, but they’re 100% cotton fabric, 24-25” wide, and they typically cost $90-$120. They sell wrap-converted ring slings and buckle carriers too (would I ever love to get my hands on one of those).         


My lovely friend rockin’ the Butterfly Baby (and her daughter) for the GCM shoot.

If you’re looking for a wrap that’s affordable, comfortable, functional, and can be worn simply or used to show-off your badass wrapping skills — I really think that Butterfly Baby is worthy of your Visa and your baby. And what mom doesn’t love being able to buy from another mom? I get all teary-eyed just thinking about it!  

Thank you to Butterfly Baby for producing such amazing wraps and for giving me the opportunity to experience them. Happy babywearing everybody!     

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