So, back when Texas Home & Garden was still running their blog, I got the idea to do a post on “man worthy” subscription boxes for my subscription series. This is how I discovered Apocabox.

I’m a gal who was raised in Montana, so this caught my interests. I also happen to have a secret love for survival skills and bushcraft techniques. And to be totally honest… I have a terrible weakness for scavenging neighborhood alleys for patches of untouched herbs and wild edibles (my neighbors call them “weeds”— weirdos). Needless to say, Apocabox seemed to be my version of the Birchbox. So, when they agreed to send me a box for review, I was absolutely thrilled.

Now, I didn’t open up my Apocabox with high expectations (I’ve found this is a bad idea as my expectations tend to be on the exceedingly-and-obscenely-high side). But much to my complete and rare surprise… Apocabox kind of impressed me. Actually, this box lived up to my wildest dreams and then some! Whether you want unique outdoor gear, you want to learn survival skills, you want an excuse to get out more, or you just want a unique gift for the favorite man in your life — I think this box has got your credit card number all over it. It’s OUTSTANDING.

Let me tell ya all about it…


The Apocabox is a “subscription-based survival box” which ships once every two months for a cost of $50 + $10.95 s&h. Creek Stewart is the founder and owner. Like myself, you may not have heard of heard of Mister Creek before Apocabox. But that man is an Eagle Scout and expert survival instructor with twenty-some years experience. Thus, there’s a good chance that Creek knows a thing or two about survival and the outdoors (The Weather Channel certainly seems to think so, as they air his show SOS: How To Survive).

All things considered, Apocabox has the makings to be a subscription box of outdoor-skill-awesomeness. And a subscription box that’s curated by an Eagle Scout whose name is Creek… It’s safe to say that this is a legit survival box and not another get-rich-quick scheme or the latest marketing fad.  



Sure, an Eagle Scout survivalist expert can deliver life-saving outdoor skills — but can he deliver a worthwhile subscription box? Yeah. He really can. Actually, I wonder if maybe his true calling is actually in the world of subscription business rather than primitive survival education. Because Apocabox is really that good!

When you open up an Apocabox you get:


Monthly Survival Skills

Each box included a skill challenge that strives to teach subscribers a unique yet highly-valuable skill using the gear featured in the box. The skill in my personal Apocabox was tying fishing set-lines using the trotline gear included in the monthly box. Tying rope up with knots and hooks may not sound especially exciting, but this skill challenge is actually quite awesome. Set-lines allow for passive fishing (as in, set out your fishing line and then come back later). The instructions were typed out rather than in a step-by-step format using photos and words, but they were quite thorough. They were also packed with bonus tips and insights. Very valuable.    


A Small Business Based On Small Businesses

Apocabox is a small business located in the good ole Mid-West. As a small business that’s focused on quality, they seek to feature quality items that come from other small businesses and vendors within the outdoor/survival sector. The gear they pack into their boxes makes this clear as crystal. Apocabox’s very own Whiskey Burr knife line — produced by a craftsman in Kentucky — is an excellent example of this.


Unique And Custom Gear

The tools and gear you get from Apocabox isn’t anything you’ll find at your local Wal-mart or REI. That’s because the folks at Apocabox don’t just go out and hunt for quality outdoor gear. They’ll even commission and design it! The so-called “unique quality goods” in my box included a hand-carved bone feather, a leather medicine bag, and a dump pouch. Would I call it unique or quality gear? No. I would call it fantastically unique gear of epic quality!

As lady luck would have it, I’d actually been dreaming of a medicine bag (a bra can fit only so many gemstones without leaving a crystal trail). I was as pleased to see the bag as I was to see it’s genuine craftsmanship.

The dump pouch was another great score. It was actually designed by Creek, and I can see myself using it for everything from hiking and camping to picking mint and apples during neighborhood “foraging.”

As for the bone feather — I don’t have any outdoor uses for that. Because that thing isn’t leaving my altar! The feather was a sacred symbol to ancient Egyptians, for upon “westing,” the soul would be taken to the Hall of Ma’at where the heart would be placed upon a scale and weighed against the Feather Of Truth to reveal the purity of soul. Thus, the feather is a reminder to “be light of heart.” To have one made from animal bones found in the elements of nature makes it a unique and cherished part of my altar.     

I’m pleased to report that I also scored one of their Whiskey Burr knives. I am so impressed with that knife. The sharpness, size, and design left me breathless. It’s so so unique and special that I immediately determined it would be a family heirloom. My knife will be staying in the family and passed on to one of my children (that’s assuming my boys don’t snag it from me first). The same goes for the bone feather, the medicine bag, and the dump pouch. They’re all outstanding and I’m so, so happy with them.


A Full Survival (Subscription) Experience

While a fair amount of subscription boxes focus on goods and gear, Apocabox pushes education and first-hand experience as well as the items they select for their box. Why? During my emails with the Director of Operations, he explained this by saying, “We feel that knowledge is the best tool, and if you’re relying solely on your gear — when it fails, you fail.

So as high-quality, versatile, and functional as Apocabox goods may be, this subscription box is determined to provide a survival experience as much as it provides outstanding outdoor gear. Subscribers get a package of tools plus skills and insights that can be put to work as soon as their Apocabox is unpacked. They provide a box packed with everything you need for a full urban-free, 100%-outdoor experience. All you have to do is get yourself out there with your new skills and tools.   



As you can tell, Apocabox is unique. In a number of ways. If you have any sort of interest in the outdoors, unique recreational gear, or you want to learn some primitive but ridiculously-practical survival skills, then this box should be worth its weight in gold. You’re gonna feel like such a badass when you get with your badass gear and bust out your badass skills.





If you’re eager to try out your survivalist thumb or you want to get a better feel for Apocabox’s style, check out Creek Stewart’s YouTube channel to watch his quick yet thorough tutorials. And if you dig his expertise, be sure to jump over to Creek’s website so you can sign up for his free 4-part webinar on Bug Out Bags coming January 2018. With the way things are going with Trump and North Korea, it should make for comforting education. 😉  

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