Have you connected with The Moon Sisterhood yet? If you have, you’re already aware of “Wise Woman” Anne and all of her amazing insights, guidance, and offerings (and let’s not forget all of her amazing art). My work as an SEO writer has me subscribed to all sorts of different newsletters and websites, but The Moon Sisterhood’s weekly energy report and monthly moon report have kept me opening up my inbox again and again. I’ve seen way too many surface-level webpreneurs out there, but Anne has kept me interested because she can go deeper and more soulful than all the other credit-card-demanding newsletters out there. And do her emails ever make for a great read!

So, because Anne is a powerhouse of creative and intuitive potential, she’s constantly cranking out new projects and helpful guides and courses through her baby The Moon Sisterhood. One of her most recent projects is the 2018 Holistic Planner. I got hooked up with the printable version for review, and I am so excited to share my thoughts with you. When it comes to seeing the dollar value of something, I’m an outrageous skeptic with extraordinary expectations (actually, I think the politically-correct term would be “demands”). With a cost of $25, I wasn’t about to let my standards go overlooked. But much to my surprise, The Holistic Planner met my sky-high needs and then some.

Here’s what I think all prospective planner buyers should know…


What You Get 

The Holistic Planner manages to deliver special little twists and bonuses while still delivering all of the things you’d expect and hope for in a quality planner. You can expect planner standards such as:

  • Daily calendars (8am-7pm)
  • Weekly calendars
  • Monthly calendars
  • And a basic calendar for the year


On top of this, the Holistic Planner is packed with pages that come straight from Anne’s creative, woman-intuitive spirit that is sure to delight the spiritual as well as those hungry for a life with more meaning and purpose. Some of these include:

  • Intention-setting pages (There are so many great pages in this category I didn’t bother to count)
  • Daily Ritual prompts (Like the morning/evening ritual page and the 3-card oracle reading)
  • Soulful Contemplation (Once again, there are so many I didn’t count)


I’m totally sold on the value of The Holistic Planner. Of course, I’ve become friends with Anne and I think she’s a freaking rockstar, so I’m probably a tad-bit biased. That being said, I’m sure I can convince you just how awesome this is. Let me dive into the planner into more planner so you can see for yourself.



How do the pages you expect from a planner measure up in The Holistic Planner? Well, they match up and then some!


The Weekly Calendar                                            

When you get the printable version, you can opt for a smaller weekly calendar that fits all the days of the week into a single page (that’s the page to the right), OR you can give yourself more space by printing out the weekly calendar that spreads over two pages.

I love having this option because I love being able to save on paper. At the same time, I also go nuts for extra space where I can jot down random notes and quotes. Fortunately, I’m not much of a jotter when it comes to daily and weekly planning. Thus, I can save myself paper and I still have space for my mental diarrhea. Which reminds me of a really great song…

If you’re sitting on the john, and there on the counter the pen and papers on, diarrhea. Mental diarrhea. 

Warning: This product may induce regular or sudden explosions of mental diarrhea. Grab your pen and proceed with caution.


The Monthly Calendar

A calendar. How exciting, right? Except this holistic month-at-a-glance goes beyond your typical monthly calendar by listing the dates of the new moon and full moon. And it even tells you what sign the moon will be in. Anyone even vaguely aware of the energy of the moon and the influence of the zodiac — or wanting to explore it— will really dig this.

The moon and sign information can be used in so many different ways. You can obviously use it to

schedule ritual and ceremony, as well as to plan and prepare yourself for the energetic influences. However, it’s also great for noticing patterns in how the moon and its signs influence you. As you’re looking at the month ahead, it’s also a great excuse to read more about the moon’s signs and get to know their energetic power.

I have to add that I love doing this after the fact. I like to be skeptical of things until I have thoroughly researched, tested out, investigated, and/or experienced them. So, I like to compare weekly and monthly predictions after the week or month are already in progress or have come to pass. I have to say that whenever I compare my results with predictions from Anne’s Moon Report and Chani Nicholas’s horoscopes they can be so spot-on I wonder if I’m hallucinating. So, I am psyched to have the moon and sign information at my planner-flipping fingertips. However, you want to use it, there’s so much potential for new growth, life lessons, and self-discovery. It’s my favorite monthly calendar EVER.


The Monthly Spread For The Year

A layout of the months of the year is pretty standard in planners, but this one takes an empowering spin on yearly planning by provoking users to jot down their goals or to write down what they’ve accomplished and want to remember. If you happen to get The Holistic Planner printable version, you get another bonus in that you can print out multiple pages of this calendar so that you’re regularly evaluating your year, and you’re reassessing and making new plans as you see fit.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Libra which is an air element. My moon is in Leo too, so I have a tendency to float around and make the most of things as they happen. I’m not the type to plan years, months, or even days ahead. My goals and plans come to me naturally as I’m living in the flow of life and taking the present path I’m on or feeling pulled to. Thus, any goals or plans I have set for months ahead are subject to major change. Constantly! 😀

Being able to slip my yearly calendar into my planner every two months is a great way for me to see how I’m progressing, to set new goals, and to better determine where I can be setting my focus. That’s how this air flows.




Anne’s planner cater’s to the logical, linear, and scheduling ways of the left-brain, but it also feeds the intuitive, feeling, emotionally-empowered side of the right-brain. Because The Holistic Planner is one-part planner and one-part journal, it pulls this off in SO MANY soulful ways.



There are all sorts of different pages in the planner that get you to think about what you want and encourage you to think about all the ways you can bring your heart’s needs and soul’s desires into fruition. However simple or intricate they may be!

Some of these intention-setting pages include: How I’d Like To Feel For The Year, My Word For The Year, Intentions To Manifest, a Vision Board page, and a Blessings page for writing down the prayer/blessing/invocation that charges you. This list absolutely does not include them all, but you can be sure that The Holistic Planner is packed with plenty of opportunities for some good ole heart and soul exploration and a little intuition-building.

If you’re looking for a little empowering contemplation and journaling, <Austin Powers voice> then the Holistic Planner is your bag baby. Yeah!



The planner features an Oracle Card Reading page where you can do a 3-card reading and write down the meaning and message this reading has for the past, present, and future of your body, your mind, and your soul. The Holistic Planner also boasts Anne’s Daily Ritual page which is packed with all sorts of powerful prompts.

There’s a call for morning rituals that are guaranteed to charge your focus and empower your day such as pulling a tarot or oracle card (and jotting down the significance of the card), determining intentions, creating a mantra, and more. There’s also an evening ritual section with prompts that provoke reflection on the meaning and lessons of your day and how these can connect with tomorrow.

Who couldn’t use an excuse to put up their feet with a cup of tea — or a soulful serving of wine — for some heartful pondering and soul-exploring musings? Ummmmm, this writer mama could. Like, every day. As in, multiple times a day.


Soulful Contemplation

The surest way to seize 2018 is to think about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be. Well, Anne will help you

do just that. The Holistic Planner comes packed with planner/journal pages that provoke thought like the Look Back At 2017 page, Releasing page, and the Blessings page (for writing down a blessing/prayer/invocation that charges you and sets your soul on track).

Now, this can be an area that will make or break it for me. I like my soul searching to be hard-hitting and to-the-point, but these topics can get really cheesy really fast. Anne’s style absolutely has a spiritual edge, but it’s also direct and authentic. That means plenty of soulful insights and guidance without sugary spiritual sap. Can I get an amen?


As you can tell, The Holistic Planner is a beautiful work of art — both literally and figuratively. Anne has put a lot of work into it, which really shows. The planner is also a reflection of her experience and know-how as a spiritual and successful woman. And it really shines.

I’m definitely an Anne-fan and a sucker for all things Moon Sisterhood, but I think that after you try out the Holistic Planner… You’ll find that you are too. 🙂




P.S. Stay tuned to hear my thoughts on Anne’s latest Moon Sisterhood offering — The UNhustle: Instagram Mastermind. In this course, Anne will be sharing her tips and experience in launching The Moon Sisterhood, and how she scored over 20K followers and almost doubled her income. In the Sisterhood’s very first year! Am I interested in learning more? Um, yeah! This is the honey of the Gods to this creative Mama’s ears!

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