The modern world claims that women are too emotional, but we have been lied too. Women are not too emotional.

Actually… Today’s woman? She is not emotional enough.


When the news flashes images of the dead children of Syria and the frail babies of Africa, we should be dropping to our knees and sending screams and wails to the sky above. When we hear of the innocent being hurt and misused, we should be howling with fury and shaking our fists in rage. We should be heartbroken over the world’s pain, furious over it’s injustices, and insistent on making all of these wrongs right. We should be steely-eyed, strong-footed, huge-hearted, and impossible to ignore or hold back. We should be women that burn with the burning compassion and bright fierceness of a thousand blazing suns.

But we don’t. Instead, we sit in our chair in pained-silence with dry eyes and cold hands. because we have been taught that our female nature is foolish, unnecessary, and out-of-line.

We don’t understand that our emotion, compassion, and care isn’t a pesky problem, but an extraordinary power which peace and harmony absolutely cannot exist without it.

We women don’t know that we serve as gauges for humanity — measuring the imbalances of the world and recognizing its needs and resolutions.

We women don’t know our power. And that has given us so much pain. But what has been most painful of all, has been the great forgetting that our greatest power lies in us throwing off patriarchy’s bullshit chains and being a woman.

We women are burning with power because we feel.

We have power because we know the feeling of what it is to create, and sustain, and maintain, and we nurture.

We know the value of life because of the great journey of feeling we go through as we grow it, feed it, care for it, and love it.

We know empowering from disempowering, and helpful from harmful, and peaceful from troubled because our feelings are exploding with the knowledge of emotional intelligence and the wisdom of intuition.

We know the importance of life and all beings so deeply, that we will put the lives of others above our own. Because we feel — we know — that life is that important.


Of course, men are just as important to society as women. We women also need to develop our divine masculine attributes just as much as men need to awaken to the virtues of their inner feminine. However, there will always be differences between men and women. These differences are what make women so important to this world.

The natural abilities of the woman can be seen within her brain. The female brain is designed to use both the logical reasoning of the left brain, and the emotional intuition of the right brain. It is rich in connections which allow for women to describe situations as well as feelings and thoughts. The brain of a woman has the natural ability to take in incredible amounts of information through both the physical and emotional senses. For so long, we women have been looked down on for being emotional and worrisome, as if we were strange or defective. But all this time we merely had abilities and senses that our male-dominated society just couldn’t understand. The capacity of woman’s emotional intelligence, the value of her intuitive wisdom, and the power of her love and understanding were oppressed and were even used against her. And so the woman’s strength become forgotten or even detested by women themselves.  

Women have carried shame, blame, and weakness for century upon century. Now is the time we cast this aside so we can reveal the strength that has always been within us..Now is the time we recognized our own power. Now is the time we abandon our quiet corners so that we can stand tall, fierce, and unrelenting. Gazing upon the world with our ever-watchful eyes and our powerful hearts.     

We women know what so many men do not. The world needs us. The sick, the poor, the hungry, and the abused —the world is full of pain that only a mother’s love can soothe. Chaos that only a woman can bring balance and harmony too. Loveless places and faces starving for the healing love of the divine feminine heart.

We can feel the pain of others, and we know the terrible causes and consequences of this pain. It is we women who have been given the strength of emotion and compassion. It is we women who have the wisdom of love and intuition. It is we women, who have been equipped to care for the hearts of humanity. It is we women, who must have a mission to cast light upon the darkness in every corner of the world. We women must take up a woman’s work and we must… not… stop.



It is now the time for women to stand strong as women; shouting, sobbing, speaking, and nurturing as wildly and powerfully as we can. The world needs us.


So… Will you be the woman that humanity is waiting for?   

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