Have you heard of the Beyond The Ordinary show? It was started by the fabulous John Burgos with the desire to offer people the ideas and wisdom of true thought leaders, healers, and spiritual teachers. And when I say true, I mean people who truly have an understanding of the true nature and multidimensionality of reality.

This show lives up to its name. Actually, I think it should be called the Way Beyond The Ordinary Show. It crosses that many lines and goes that deep.

Life has gotten real interesting lately, so I finally bookmarked the BTO Replay page so that I can visit it as needed and click on whatever show broadcast out to me. Lately, I’ve been staring at one show again and again: the call with energy worker and medium Zoe Davenport. Looking at Zoe’s picture, I could literally feel her warmth, radiance, and wisdom. I knew that she had things to say that I needed to hear. Well, the other night I got the talk sent directly to my email and I could feel the nudge to finally listen to it. So, I finally did. Three replays and paragraphs of notes later, I’m here writing this post so that I can help spread these fab insights into the world.

Zoe’s interview is entitled “Crystalline Light.” So, you can expect a lot of information shared on the topic of frequency (including the frequencies of thoughts and feelings) and how we can shift from our present selves to the next highest version of ourselves. One transition (of constant and continuous evolving transitions) at a time. The first ten minutes might be a little out there for anyone new to the world of energy, Quantum Physics, ley lines, and so on, but twenty minutes in Zoe begins sharing insights and wisdom that virtually everyone can appreciate and glean from.


About 19 minutes in, John has a question for Zoe. He brings up that the brain has its subconscious programming — aka our life experiences and early years of childhood — and this programming has us infected with beliefs that constantly pop up to block our attempts to be bigger and better. I know this struggle all too well. Actually, I’ve had a resolution for at least the last two years to move beyond this self-doubting self of mine. I’m still working on it!   

So, how do we move beyond the brain’s freakouts over every perceived threat to its well-being or survival? How do we respond to the control-hungry, results-obsessed, crazy-ass ego? Is it possible to find peace so that we stop warring with ourselves?



Zoe’s down-to-earth yet mystical response was precisely the soul food that I’ve been hungering for. She speaks of trust in the space that’s being created for you. Put your focus into letting go of what you’re being called to let go (like, say, the need to control and the fear of change). She says that these times of discomfort and doubt are times of transition where we’re being called to upgrade a higher version of ourselves. These are the times where we should put our trust in the unknown and know that things are unfolding with our highest interests at heart.

Zoe says that when we can surrender into the unknown potential.. When we know that our reality is always aligned with our heart.. When we allow ourselves to focus on expanding into this time and space and bask in the growth of the lessons these in-between states are bringing forward… That is when things will shift. And that is when the door of opportunity flies open.

But don’t take my word for it. Click on the link and listen to Zoe’s talk yourself. There’s some great stuff to glean and grow from with Zoe’s answer to John’s question. And it continues on through the Q & A with the audience and the POWERFUL realizations and epiphanies that Zoe and John help to provoke.

This call gave me so many empowering ideas I’m now carrying with me (quite literally — I’ve got them all written down in my planner which I carry around every morning). I happen to be in a MASSIVE time of transition right now and — to put it very lightly — this time has me feeling all sorts of twisted up. The ideas and insights I walked away with are monumental. My biggest takeaway from Zoe — which is now a resolution I have assigned to this year — is to commit to expanding during times of transition and to take inspired action each and every day (Thus, this blog post).  

So…. What do you want to align to and receive? What do you want to allow into this experience we call life? I want to hear all about it so mosey on down to the comments below.


Here’s to owning 2018 by owning ourselves! We’re perfection bi*ches!




The Beyond The Ordinary show: Check out the site for broadcasts with authentic metaphysicians, energy workers, channelers, and other human-like-you luminaries.     

Zoe Davenport: Visit her site to learn more about Zoe’s mission & offerings.  

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