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Apocabox: The Outdoor Survival Box For Badass Skills And Gear

So, back when Texas Home & Garden was still running their blog, I got the idea to do a post on “man worthy” subscription boxes for my subscription series. This is how I discovered Apocabox. I’m a gal who was raised in Montana, so this caught my interests. I also happen to have a secret […]

Subscription Review: Gettin’ A Little Zen With The Yuzen Box

Thanks to my subscription box series on Texas Home & Garden, I got to try out all sorts of different subscription boxes. One of the boxes I had the pleasure of experiencing was the luxury box Yuzen.    If I had to describe Yuzen, I’d say it’s an eco-minded spa box with fun simple twists. […]

Why I Love The Moon Report From The Moon Sisterhood

So, I’ve dived into astrology this last year. I have since discovered that I’m a Libra with a North Node in Taurus. In other words, I’m a natural skeptic with a hard eye for BS and insanely high expectations for quality in-depth information. I love this aspect of myself because it gives me a razor-sharp […]

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