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Apocabox: The Outdoor Survival Box For Badass Skills And Gear

So, back when Texas Home & Garden was still running their blog, I got the idea to do a post on “man worthy” subscription boxes for my subscription series. This is how I discovered Apocabox. I’m a gal who was raised in Montana, so this caught my interests. I also happen to have a secret […]

Babywearing: SSC’s, Wraps, and DIY’s

When you buy a woman a baby carrier, you’re giving her the gift of a deep and meaningful mama-baby bond. You’re also giving her the gift of having two usable hands. And I can’t even tell you how helpful that is when it comes to housecleaning, shopping, running around town. And let’s not forget the […]

Subscription Review: Gettin’ A Little Zen With The Yuzen Box

Thanks to my subscription box series on Texas Home & Garden, I got to try out all sorts of different subscription boxes. One of the boxes I had the pleasure of experiencing was the luxury box Yuzen.    If I had to describe Yuzen, I’d say it’s an eco-minded spa box with fun simple twists. […]

Why I Love The Moon Report From The Moon Sisterhood

So, I’ve dived into astrology this last year. I have since discovered that I’m a Libra with a North Node in Taurus. In other words, I’m a natural skeptic with a hard eye for BS and insanely high expectations for quality in-depth information. I love this aspect of myself because it gives me a razor-sharp […]

The Mama Shower: Gifts That Support Mama Postpartum

So, women are amazing. They create life, grow life, birth life, and nurture life. It’s incredible! However, what’s even more incredible is that society looks at this like it’s no big deal. Pregnancy and birth take A LOT of work and they wear a woman’s body down. Postpartum ain’t any easier because ladies are managing […]

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