I lied. This isn’t all about me. Really, I think you just need to check out my blog posts. I can make myself sound all sorts of amazing, but the only way for anyone to really get a feel for who I am is to look at what I write, how I write it, and why I write it. But, given my blog niche, I should mention that I’m a mother and wife, heading a bi-cultural and bi-racial family.

Also, I’m a contributor to a number of blogs and websites. I also have experience working as an SEO writer. And has THAT taught me a thing or two about blogging and marketing. Wow!

Another interesting note… I ran away from home at age 13 and spent the remaining years of my adolescence in group homes and foster homes. I’ve lived a very interesting life which has offered me equally interesting lessons and insights. It wasn’t an easy road to travel, but I am forever grateful for the journey life has been for me. Everything I’ve experienced has been transmuted into strength, wisdom, and compassion which I have used to build myself into the empowered woman I am today. My heart wants nothing more than to help other women and men be empowered and to get through their struggles. If you are such a person, don’t be afraid to reach out if you feel so compelled. I’m here for you. Always.

BONUS ABOUT: Back when I was 20, I worked as a door-to-door salesman for Kirby vacuums. I also shaved my head once.  Because I wanted to make myself uncomfortable.